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6 steps on development of custom software

1. Software Requirement

The first step of software developement is to gather business requirements. It is very important to have all departments who is going to use the software to join together and prepare what their needs and expectation of the software output. Each department's key person is responsible to collect and finalize the information and share with software developers. This is very important steps because every business has their own business flow and logics.

2. Software Planning / Designing

Once collect the user software requirement, the next step is planning/designing. Software developers will outline the details which involve system / users interfaces, network / server requirements, and databases. The mock up of software design and whole process flow will be discussing together between software project team and users. Again, this step is very important because the structure of software and backend database design will be done during this stage. Feedback from users are very important before coding stage started.

3. Software Development and Coding

We have a dedicated software developer team to start the coding. During this coding stage, our frontend and backend software developers will make sure all coding are based on steps 2 which has been discussed in details with users.

4. Software Integration and Testing

Once the software development process done, the next step is system testing. The software integration and testing part is to make sure the custom software is bug free. All modules will be go thru from beggining till end and make sure business process flow are done correctly and based on project scope

5. Software Implementation

Our software developer team will install the software on cloud server. Client can choose their own server if they prefer so.

6. Software Maintanance

The final part which is software maintainance. We will provide a certain period of software warranty. Our software support team will fix any issues/bugs. Of course after the software warranty, we provides software maintance to make sure the custom software always run smoothly. We also provide software upgrade if there is a need from clients

Have you done with step 1? If so, Uwon Technology as a software company can do the rest for your first custom software project. Contact us today to get started!